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L'encre est absorbée différemment d'une fibre à l'autre.

Why is the same pattern on two different fibers not the same color?

🤔 Have you ever received the same pattern on two different fibers with different colors?
✌️ This phenomenon is unique to #impressiondigitale

This happens when the ink is absorbed differently by the fiber.
We notice that natural fibers and synthetic fibers each react in their own way. 💦

We wanted to show you an example that we printed in the workshop. 👇

We have also noticed changes with our printing with pigment inks, when printing natural fibers that contain spandex (elastane). Spandex does not absorb pigment inks, unlike reactive inks, which seem to stick on it!

We give you a second example 👇

🥸 In short, we come to the conclusion that when you order the same pattern in several different fibers, it is not to expect the same colors. We are experiencing the same phenomenon in workshop printing as with products ordered internationally. 😱