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Mais qu'est-ce que c'est ces petites mousses blanches sur mon tissu?

But what are these little white foams on my fabric?

But what are these little white foams on my fabric?
Have you ever noticed after a few normal washes (washer, dryer) that your textiles lose their splendour?
Here is what can be a normal cause of digitally printed textiles.
Your first instinct will be to think they're low quality or fading, but the situation is slightly different when you have digital prints.
First of all, let's start with the manufacture of the textile. The cotton is carded, spun and made into yarn. These will then be knitted using enormous industrial equipment.
Depending on the printing technique, the textiles will then be pre-treated, washed, dried in other high-performance equipment.
Then the printer will do his job and you will buy his beautiful textiles.
So far so good!
You wash and dry your fabrics before sewing them, then wear them a few times before you realize that the shine of these will be less flamboyant.
Here is the detailed explanation, referring to the manufacturing process.
In fact, each textile yarn is made up of miniature small natural or synthetic fibers twisted on top of each other to create a mini string.
When your fabric is passed under the digital inks, only the top of your fabric will be colored. That's why the back of your fabrics is white!
The ink does not penetrate the fiber due to the pre-treatment undergone during manufacture.
So you wash and dry your clothes normally and the little fibers that are now rubbing against each other ''escape'' from the knit now rendered used.
These fibers have never seen the color of the inks, so they are white!
You see little ''foam balls'' appear from wash to wash and this is completely normal. You will notice them more on dark colored textiles.
Finally, we ask ourselves, but how to avoid this problem?
It's simple!
We do not wash a digitally printed garment right side up, we always wash it inside out.
We also avoid drying it in the machine at high temperature! A delicate cycle is ideal, if not in front of the fireplace during the winter or on the clothesline during the summer.
Why don't your solid color clothes have the same problem?!
Makes sense... These are dyed!
So the dye penetrated from one side of the textile to the other...
Small ''foam balls'' will be present, but the same color as the rest of the fabric and much more discreet!
So! You know everything now.
With a good washing routine for your printed products, you shouldn't see this situation again.
Do not hesitate to share the information, we are always better informed!