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All your original images can be printed on the available textile fiber of your choice. Only available during monthly pre-order periods.

I accept minimum 300 dpi image formats (.jpeg or .tiff or .png)

  1. Use the item ( Your pattern - choice of fiber ), which can be found at the bottom of this page.

  2. Choose fiber

  3. Choose the desired quantity for your printing. (The minimum per fiber is 1 meter per pattern.)

  4. Add the item (s) to your cart.

  5. Go to your basket.

  6. Go to the bottom of the items to enter comments in the note box.

  7. You have to write in the note box the following information for each fiber and each image requested:

    File name
    Dimension of your image or an item of your image (in centimeters)
    Selected fiber


    Cloud - 20cm x 20cm - Cotton lycra medium 200gsm - 1m
    Rabbit - 20cm x 20cm - 240gsm thick lycra cotton - 2m

  8. Click on Proceed to checkout

  9. Adjust your shipping information

  10. Then pay.

  11. Send your images (if required) to the email address:
    (If the document is too large, we accept file transfers with the online application)

  • If you're looking for the name of a design that we've already had pre-order, here's the google link drive to follow

  • If you are using a Shutterstock image for your design.
    please enter the image number instead of the file name and send us the file by email here:

    We will not upload the image for you

    The shutterstock number can be found either in the website URL (at the end of the line) or on the image page above or below it.

Watch a video of how to order
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