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Manufacturing defect and textile standard

Manufacturing defect and textile standard

In the event that you receive a fabric from one of our suppliers or printed in the workshop, which shows signs of manufacturing defect.

  • You must provide photos of it before washing.
    * If the fabric has stains, you must wash it after taking the photos.
    Most of the time, stains come out in the wash.
    Follow the recommended washing procedure at the top of the page here.

  • If the print is defective over 1 inch in diameter. We will send you a song equivalent to the default (usually at the end of your song). Defects of 1 inch in diameter and less are considered acceptable and non-refundable.
    *A small card notifying you of the surplus sent should follow your order

  • The same goes for holes less than 1 inch in diameter. They are considered acceptable. Obviously, we inspect the best before sending you the fabrics so that there are no holes in your order. We are still human and mistakes can happen. Please notify us upon receipt.
    *A small card notifying you of the surplus sent should follow your order

  • All gaps within 1” of the edges (width) of the fabric are considered acceptable. (tears, holes, lack of printing, lamination, etc...)

  • Skips in the knit (missing or pulled threads) are considered acceptable, if they do not significantly distort the print on the face.

  • In the case of PUL (laminated polyurethane). It is quite normal that 6 cm from each side of the fabric, the lamination is not complete on the fabric.

  • Any stains, glues or other residues 6 cm from the sides of the fabric is also considered normal.

  • For all stretch fibers. PLEASE NOTE that the pattern may be a little stretched when printed. The acceptable standard is 1 cm upward stretch. Otherwise, it is considered imperfect.

  • A cut of the fabrics of 1 to 3 cm and more or 1 to 3 cm and less is considered acceptable. Stretch fabrics are subject to a slight stretch when cut.

  • For all other manufacturing defects. Please contact us (with supporting photos) so that we can discuss the situation together.

*Take our only in case of default on our part, in a personalized print. We will contact you to give you the choice to keep your impression or to redo it, subject to an authorization for resale to the public or a buyback at a discount.

We want to give you the best possible service, but understand that the machines that make or print the designs or uni are not perfect, nor are the humans that process your orders.