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Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers to your main questions.

We regularly update our FAQ based on frequently asked questions. Click on the question in the following table of contents to access the answer directly.

Update 08/23/2022

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What is the composition of your fabrics?

Depending on the fiber of your choice, the composition may vary. Refer to our sheets.
Fiber guide printed on site
Preorder Fiber Guide

What lengths of fabric are available?

A complete loincloth measures 6 yards or 5.48m. The width is 1.20m. You can order either the complete loincloth, or order the desired length by linear meter or by the yard (information specified on all product sheets). If you want 2 meters or 2 yards of fabric, specify 2 in quantity, and you will receive a 2 meter or 2 yard fabric coupon.

What width (width) of the fabrics?

The width of the fabric (width) indicated at 1.20 meters in each product sheet, may vary by a maximum of 3 centimeters less. Each fabric has its own size and varies from one manufacturer to another. It should be noted that all our fabrics are 100% cotton, after washing this width can still decrease significantly.

I would like 2 coupons of 3m of the same fabric, how do I do?

In case you want two 3 meter coupons of the same fabric, indicate 6 in quantity. Without further indication from you, you will receive a complete loincloth (5.48m) plus 1 piece of 1 meter. For your particular request, at the time of the validation of your order, before payment, you have the possibility of writing a comment. Clearly indicate that for such reference (ex COU/HIT/1001), I want my coupons to be cut in this way: 2 x 3 meters.
Another possibility, in your account then orders, you have the possibility to leave a message. As above, indicate the requested information and your wish.

I like a product, but it is unavailable. How will I be notified of its new availability?

When a product is unavailable, you can enter your email address in the product sheet to be notified when it will be restocked.
Important. The patterns for the wax are collections. As with fashion, some will not be available again for a long time, if ever. However, we try to replenish our stock approximately once a week.

How to find the composition of the batches?

On the product sheet of the batch, if the illustration photo does not allow you to see the pattern of each fabric that makes it up, you will find the associated products at the bottom of the sheet. Each product corresponds to the composition of the batch of fabric you are looking at.

Are the colors of the fabrics identical to the photos?

Despite all the care we take when shooting the fabrics, it happens that the rendering on the image differs from reality. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of color matching. Moreover, the images have no contractual value.

Gift card :

My gift card code does not work, what should I do?

If your gift card is still valid, and the code you received by email does not work, we invite you to contact us directly by email at this address: contact [at] amagate.fr

By using my gift card, can I benefit from free shipping?

From 75.00 €, all orders with delivery via Mondial Relay in Metropolitan France, shipping costs are free. When you use a gift card, the amount of your order after reduction of your gift card must exceed €75.00 to benefit from free shipping. Example, you have in your basket 80.00 € of product and you have a gift card of 50.00 €, you will have to pay 30.00 € plus shipping costs. By adding at least 45 € of product, so a total to pay of 75.00 € (gift card deducted), you will benefit from free shipping. The total amount of products purchased will be €125.00.

My cart:

I modified the quantity(s) directly in my basket, is it not updating?

When you modify the quantity or quantities according to the number of products, you must click on the Update basket button. From then on, your new quantities will be taken into account.

Only on-site pick-up is offered, what happens?

If when choosing the delivery method, only on-site withdrawal is offered, it is because the weight of all the products in your basket exceeds the upper limit accepted by each delivery service provider. We invite you to contact us by email to find a replacement solution.

What is the comment box in my basket for?

This box is only used to indicate a precision on your order. The message you write is automatically entered at the bottom of your invoice. Messages other than an important clarification of your order, such as a hello, a personal message, etc., do not belong here.

Payment :

My payment is not accepted, what should I do?

Sometimes it happens that your payment is refused, when there is no reason that it cannot be. Several customers have given us this feedback. In this case, we invite you to change the browser on your computer: Edge, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari (Mac OS X) for example, and try to place your order again. If you are with your phone, try from another phone.

Do you accept payments by cheque?

We do not accept checks as a method of payment. Only these means of payment are accepted: Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercad, with PayPal (with or without an account), or via the Up2Pay payment solution from Crédit Agricole. Both are secure.

Delivery :

What are the rates for destinations other than Metropolitan France?

To know the amount of shipping costs that will be applied to your order, we invite you to place your products in your basket. Then start the order process, and choose your delivery method. The amount of shipping costs will be indicated.

I have been waiting for more than 15 days for my parcel sent by Colissimo ECO Outre-Mer, why is it taking so long?

On the La Poste website, it is indicated the indicative period of 18 to 31 days for delivery depending on the final destination, and that this period may be extended in times of crisis.
Despite everything, and given the global health crisis, it is obvious that the packages are sent by boat and the delays are much longer than those announced on the post office website. We are starting to have visibility on delivery times.

  • For Guadeloupe and Martinique, the delivery time is 1 month. This period may vary by a few days more or less.
  • For Reunion, Mayotte and Guyana, the delivery time is almost 2 months.

We ask you to be patient, especially since once the parcel has left the national territory, the tracking on the La Poste website is no longer updated, until the moment your parcel arrives in the territory of destination.
If these delays are much too long for you, you can choose Colissimo delivery (standard) on your next order.

To which countries do you offer delivery?

We deliver in France and Corsica, Europe, and the DOMS-TOM. For the complete list of countries, go to our page: Delivery information .

Your customer account / Newsletter:

I have just subscribed to the Newsletter, and I have not received a confirmation email?

Check your spam/junk mail. However, if you have not received the registration confirmation email, you may have made a mistake in your address. We invite you to contact us by email at this address: contact [a] amagate.fr.

Is there a promotional code for new customers?

Considering the very affordable sale prices, there is no promotional code for new customers.

I have just created a customer account, and I have not received a confirmation email?

Check your spam/junk mail. However, if you have not received the registration confirmation email, you may have made a mistake in your address. In this case, go to your profile, and check your email address, correct it if it is incorrect. You can also contact us directly by email at this address: contact [a] amagate.fr.

Professional Customer:

I am a professional, can I have a pro account?

If your activity is in the field of sewing: seamstress, creation of fabric-based objects, upholstery fabrics, fabric sales, or other finished fabric-based products, you can have a professional account on our shop. When registering, you can indicate that you are a professional. You must indicate the name of your company, as well as your SIRET number, and possibly if you have one, your intra-community VAT number. Your account will only be validated after verification.

What document to provide for validation of my pro account?

When you have created your professional account, you will receive an email indicating the documents to be provided. After verification of the requested documents, we will validate or not your registration as a professional.

What are my advantages as a professional?

You will have a 15% reduction, in the form of a promotional code, for any order greater than or equal to €83.33 excluding tax, excluding current promotions.

I registered as a professional by mistake, is it possible to have a private account?

As soon as you create a professional account, it will be subject to validation. You will receive an email indicating the supporting documents to be provided. If you are not a pro, we kindly ask you to tell us in return that you are not a professional, and we will validate your particular account automatically, without having to create a new one.

Ordered :

I need clarification on an order?

You have just placed an order, and you wish to provide us with details. For example, you have taken 4 meters of fabric, but you want a piece of 1 meter and the second in 3 meters. You want information on tracking your package (too long to reach your destination). These are examples among others. Nothing's easier. Go to your customer account, select the order, and at the bottom of the summary of the latter, you have the possibility to ask your question. Reminder, only use this possibility if you have questions or inquiries about an order. Otherwise, below, you will have the details to contact us.

I have just placed an order, and I would like to add: delete products?

It is impossible for us to add or remove one or more products from an order. You have the possibility to cancel your order if it has not yet been dispatched, and to place a new one immediately. The canceled order will be refunded to you by your means of payment used. To do this, go to your account, then to the order tab, and at the very bottom, click on retraction. Select your order that you wish to cancel.

Is it possible to combine several orders, and readjust the amount of shipping costs?

Just as it is impossible to modify an order, it is just as important to combine several orders into one, and receive only one package. Each order generates an invoice, with the amount of the items ordered and the shipping costs calculated according to the weight, and the delivery service selected when ordering.
If you absolutely want to combine your orders, you only have the option of making a withdrawal request to cancel them, and redo an order with all the items ordered previously. In this specific case, you will only receive one package, with the correct amount readjusted for postage. Of course, your canceled orders will be refunded the next day (deadline imposed by our bank).

I have just placed an order, and I forgot to indicate my promotional code, is it possible to have a refund of the discount that I should have had?

Any validated order can no longer be modified. Under no circumstances will we be able to reimburse you for the amount that the promotional code could have granted you as a reduction. However, your promotional code remains valid until its expiry date and can be used for a subsequent order.

I want to cancel an order, what should I do?

You have just placed an order, or it has already been shipped, and given our General Terms and Conditions of Sale , you have a legal period of 14 days from receipt of your package to withdraw. Before making a product return in the case of a withdrawal, you must use the form provided for this purpose. In your profile, then orders, at the bottom, you will find a link to obtain the withdrawal form. A form then allows you to select the order for which you are retracting. You will be automatically notified by email of the follow-up given to your request.

I want to cancel an order, what should I do?

When a product in your order is not available, we systematically send you a message. To answer us, and have a follow-up relating to this order, we invite you to go to your profile, then orders, to select the order concerned, and to answer us using the message box provided for this purpose. Avoid answering directly by email as much as possible.

After sales service :

How to remove the self-adhesive labels placed on the wax?

Please follow these tips: https://www.amagate.fr/Conseils-pg-25.html

One of the products delivered does not correspond to the one I ordered, what should I do?

You have just received your package, and despite all the vigilance that we bring when preparing your order, a product received does not correspond to the one initially ordered. In this case, please contact us, preferably by email, indicating your order number, the reference of the product ordered, and the reference of the product received. You will find the product reference on your invoice, here is an example: COU/HIT/1001/1. We will make an exchange.

Contact us :

I did not find an answer to my question, how can I contact you?

If you have not found the answer to your question, you can ask us directly either:

Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waxamagate and on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amagatewax/