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Who are we?

Full Fiber Artistique is a young company in the textile field that already stands out brilliantly. Having shown attention to detail from the beginning, Full Fiber Artistique has now been offering personalized textile prints as well as exclusive designs for almost 2 years.
It is by having the concern to stand out from the competition, and by taking into account the opinion of its customers that Eve-marie was able to position its company quickly.
Combining a wide selection of patterns created by Quebec graphic designers as well as a wide variety of images in the bank, Full Fiber Artistique's clientele can embark on extremely varied projects!
The speed and quality of service allow the company to ensure the loyalty of its customers. On the various social networks, we find only good comments.
The sewing exchange community that Full Fiber Artistique has created through its Facebook group proves that the company is there for much more than the sale of fabrics.
The quality of the products offered is paramount to the team, orders are checked and carefully packaged before reaching their destination.
The monthly pre-order formula allows customers to never miss the opportunity to place a new order while ensuring regular receipt of fabrics.
Full Fiber Artistique is a must in the clothing textile field when we are looking for personalized design and product quality.

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