Shipping policy


Shipping costs are added before proceeding to checkout. These are calculated directly by Canada Post.

  • Delivery takes approximately 2 to 5 working days upon receipt of your order. Unless otherwise indicated (follow the Facebook group )

  • If you have not paid a delivery charge on any of your applicable invoices for the month. An invoice for delivery charges will be emailed to you without notice. This invoice will have an additional amount of $ 5 to compensate for administration time. It is therefore your responsibility to VERIFY YOUR SHIPPING COSTS.

  • If you select the combine option without entering your invoice number in comment, a delivery and administration charge will also be sent to you.

Here are the automated options:

  1. (Everywhere in Quebec)

    • Calculated with canada post, but sent by purolator.

    • Free when purchasing $ 150 or more
      * be careful, you cannot add up several invoices for a total of $ 150, you must have at least one invoice that accounts for $ 150 or more in order to have free delivery.

    • Pick up in person (Ascot Corner) by appointment only. USE PROMO CODE: PICKUP

    • Combine with an existing order (enter the order number in comments before paying) USE PROMO CODE: COMBINE

    You have up to 120 days to collect your package from me. Otherwise, we consider that you are no longer interested in the order and we will put it back in inventory.

(Elsewhere in Canada and abroad)

    1. Calculated by canada post automatically